Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 3 in Cloverdale.... Its kind of an interesting story...:)

Amazingly enough there was no competition in the classes ....again.....mmmmmmm?  Whats up with that? Tazer took the breed, and Aaron took group 4th with the Airdale puppy who went Best Puppy in Show yesterday.  Congrats to both!

Oh well Sprite showed the best he ever has today so it was well worth the $22.00.  Besides, I am happy to stay and play in the classes for as long as possible, he needs the ring time and the growing up time before he hits the ring as a specials dog!  

All in all it was a fabulous weekend, Sprite and I had a blast, we met lots of new friends and many admirers of the fabulous Sprite.  Thank you so much Kate for giving me this opportunity, with this stunning boy, I will promise to do you proud!

Sounds like the perfect beginning to a new chapter in my life, onwards and upwards as they say!

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